4 Benefits of Investing in Annual Home Inspections

Ten Important Questions to Ask Your Florida Home Inspector

When was the last time you had your home professionally inspected? 

If the answer is when you last purchased your home, or even when you saw visible damage, then you are making a costly mistake. 

Just as a vehicle requires maintenance more than once a year, homeowners should have a regular home maintenance plan by performing routine home maintenance inspections. In short, every home should be inspected every year. 

  1. Annual Home Inspections Save Homeowners Money in the Long Run

Replacing a missing shingle is more cost-effective than fixing a roof leak – which could be caused by missing shingles. A home inspection report will provide insight to the defects in a property, consequently helping to prevent issues caused by deferred maintenance. Emergency repairs are not only typically costly, but also stressful.

  1. Ensures Health and Safety of Those Residing in the Home

Defects that may seem simple such as leaks and cracks, can bring more trouble than ever imagined. Mold formation can be caused when water seeps through walls. Exposure to mold spores can cause allergic reactions and symptoms such as itchiness, runny nose, headaches, difficulty breathing, and much more! Remember, always think of the safety repercussions that come with a lack of maintenance. 

  1. Annual Home Inspection Provides Time to Budget for Repairs

With regular home inspection, you can pinpoint any problems immediately, giving you ample time to work on them without causing extensive damage on your property (Handyman).

  1. Annual Home Inspections Simplifies the Process of Selling Home When the Time Comes

Looking at it from a seller’s perspective, home inspections are definitely beneficial. No one would want home shoppers running away because they found out of numerous defects in the home. Conducting annual home inspections will prepare you for a quick, profitable sale.

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