What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is an evaluation performed by a qualified home inspector that determines a home’s ability or inability to withstand damages from high wind storms.

The wind mitigation inspection is not required in the state of Florida, but it is highly recommended to get one. It can give homeowners the reassurance that there home is capable of withstanding heavy winds.

Why You Should Get a Wind Mitigation Inspection

More storms hit Florida than any other state in the United States. In fact, since 2000, storms have resulted in over $123 billion dollars in damages. But there are some simple things that homeowners can do to mitigate the amount of damages their home takes.

During the inspection, a certified home inspector will look for the areas in your home that can be fortified. The wind inspection report will give the homeowner clues on the areas in their home that needs to be repaired.

Home Insurance Discounts

A wind mitigation inspection can significantly reduce the cost of a homeowner’s insurance policy. The wind mitigation inspection can confirm to home insurers whether your home has the features that can decrease the damages caused by windstorms and of property loss. The safer your home is during the storms, the lower you can expect your home insurance premiums to be.

Every little minor detail that the inspector finds in your home can make a difference when a windstorm or hurricane attacks your home. Having the appropriate features in your home will make a great difference in helping to weather the storm.

How Much Money Can You Save with Wind Mitigation?

The amount you can save on your inspection depends on what features your home has that can protect it during the heavy windstorms. The amount homeowners can expect to save often exceeds a couple of hundreds of dollars.

The cost of a wind mitigation inspection is based on the square footage of your home, but these inspections are often valid for five years. Call us at 407-541-9342 to request a free quote. The wind mitigation inspection is a great investment that can save you hundreds on your Florida home.

Features We Look For?

These are some of the features the inspector will assess and suggest improvements for:

  • Roof covering: The certified home inspector will evaluate the structure of your roof. In this evaluation the inspector, will determine the material of the roof, its age, and its condition.
  • Roof-deck attachment: The home inspector tests to see well-secured the shingles are attached to your roof.
  • Roof-to-wall connection: The certified home inspector will check how well the roof is attached to the walls of your home and how well it can withstand heavy winds.
  • Secondary water resistance (SWR): The certified home inspector will check whether your home is sealed against water intrusion that can occur during heavy storms or hurricanes.
  • Roof geometry: The home inspector determines the shape of your roof and how well it will do during heavy storms.
  • Windows and doors: The inspector will take a look at the windows and doors to see if you have extra protection on them.

How to Prove You’ve Had a Wind Mitigation Inspection

After you receive a copy of your wind mitigation report, you can notify your home insurer about it. Based on their policies you can receive credits on your home insurance policies that can drastically reduce the cost of your home insurance premiums. Make sure that the wind mitigation inspection is current. If it’s older than five years old, it’s time for a new one!

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