What is a Four-Point Inspection

What is a Four-Point Inspection

The 4-point inspection is a type of home inspection that covers four main components in your home. These components are: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), plumbing connections, electrical wiring and connections, and roofing.

Florida residents are required to get either a full home inspection or the 4 point inspection when purchasing a property. These inspections will safeguard home insurance companies and buyers by revealing existing issues with the property before it is sold.

At Paul Professional Home Inspection, we look out for our customers’ best interests to make sure they are safe and are making a good investment!

What’s Included in the 4-Point Inspection

This inspection is a visual examination of your property. Let’s take a closer look at what the home inspector will evaluate during the inspection.

  1. Roofing
    • The home inspector will evaluate the age and condition of the roof
    • The inspector will check to see whether all the shingles are properly attached to the roof
    • Check for signs of leakage
  2. HVAC
    • The home inspector will check to see whether you have central heating and air conditioning in your home.
    • The inspector will evaluate the condition the individual components your AC unit
    • There should be no signs of leaking in these components
  3. Electrical System
    • The home inspector will inspect the electrical panel, and looks for the wiring types in your home
    • Damaged, bent or poorly maintained wires can pose big issues to your home, this is something your inspector will look out for
  4. Plumbing System
    • The inspector will check the type of pipe or draining system (copper, lead, CPVC, polybutelene,etc.)  that you have in your home.
    • They will also check to see for any sign of bursting or leakage

How Much Does the 4-Point Inspection Cost?

The cost of a 4-point inspection varies based on the square footage of your home. To get a free quote, you can contact us at 407-541-9342.

What Happens If My Home Fails The Inspection

If your home as too many significant problems, it is likely that your home will fail the inspection. If it fails the inspection, most likely home insurers will decline to cover your property. The home insurers will consider your home to be too much of a risk to insure your property.

The best thing to do is to fix those problems and have your property reassessed to determine whether the house is safe and insurable.

Will It Save Me Money On My Home Insurance?

Just like the home buyer, homeowner insurance companies want to make sure that the major components of the house are in good condition. This is even more true for older homes that has higher chances of having issues than the newer homes. It’s for this reason, home insurers may give customers a fairer price on their premiums if the 4-point inspection satisfies all of their policies and requirements.

Get A 4-Point Inspection Now In Florida!

Let Paul Professional Orlando Home Inspection help you make informed decisions when purchasing your home or just getting it insured. We’ll notify you of all the safety issues and maintenance needs of the home you’re looking to buy.

We pride ourselves on being there for the home buyers, especially when they have difficult decisions to make. We are here to help!

Call 407-541-9342 for a Free Quote!

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