Termite Inspections (WDO)

Termite Inspections (WDO)

If you live in Central Florida, you should get a termite (WDO) inspection if you haven’t done so already. The hot, humid climate of Florida makes it a great place for termites and other wood destroying organisms.

At Paul Professional Home Inspection, we provide our premium WDO inspection that is more than just a termite inspection. In our inspection, we look for all the common wood destroying organisms including termites.

What We Look For In Our Inspections

We do more than look for termites in our WDO inspections. In our WDO inspections, we look out for termites, fungi, beetles, ants, and other wood destroying insects. Each organism can have a major impact on the wood and structure of your home.



Termites are the number one insects we want to look out for in our inspections. Most homeowners are unaware that there are termites lurking deep within the wood of their homes. In our inspections, we know just the right places to look for.

Drywood termites in Florida often build nests and dig tunnels in buildings. The tunnels they build cause considerable damage because the wooden support beams become weak and make the building lean and they become prone to falling down at anytime.

At Paul Professional Home Inspection, we want you to be aware whether there are termite infestations in your home. We will notify you of the proper steps to take if this is the case. Call us at 407-941-6947 to get a free quote.


powderpost beetle

Certain species of beetles are known to destroy woods. The powderpost beetle for example is a notorious wood destroying insect that can be found in the wooden structures of your home. These beetles got the name from their ability to reduce wood to flour-like powder.

Beetles can dig into the wood of homes and deposit their larvae. The larvae they deposit cause major damage as they create narrow tunnels and feed on the wood of your home. The signs of a wood-eating beetle infestation are tiny holes in a deck or other places in the home.

These pests are more often attracted to old or decaying wood. We recommend that homeowners keep their homes free of any old, damaged, or decaying piece of wood or lumber.


Dry rot fungus

Fungus is also a major wood destroying living organism. The two basic types of wood-destroying fungus that we look for are dry rot fungus and wet rot fungus. These two types of fungus live in damp, humid climate. Florida makes a perfect home for these types of pests.

The best way to determine dry rot fungal infestation is the damp, musty odor given by the wooden structures of your home. Wet rot fungus are dark and cause the wood to feel soft and spongy. They obtain their food by breaking down the cell walls of wood cells resulting in a loss of strength of the wood.

The best way to prevent fungus is to control moisture and to treat infested wooden structures with boric acid or borate. Dry rot spreads faster than wet rot, but both must be removed and replaced to stop progression.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but they can destroy it by establishing a colony inside wooden structures. These ants can often be found in moist, partially decaying pieces of wood. Shavings on floors and the ground can be an indication of carpenter ant infestation.

If you see any sign of carpenter ant infestation in your home, call Paul Professional Home Inspection at 407-941-6947 to get a free quote. We want to help you prevent further damages to your property.

Where We Look

Wood destroying organism can be found in various places in your property. In our WDO inspections, we inspect the following areas in your property:

  1. crawlspaces
  2. basements
  3. foundation structures
  4. wooden support beams
  5. plastic plumbing pipes
  6. sub-flooring

Pest Control We Recommend

After your WDO inspection, we will give you a detailed report of the inspection and notify you of the next steps to take if you do have wood-destroying insects in your property. We want to keep you informed about what you can do for treatment and the different management options that are available to you.

Here is a short list of pest control companies that we highly recommend to you:

  1. Terminix
  2. Orkin
  3. Massey


At Paul Professional Home Inspection, we aim to keep homeowners informed about all the things that can damage their property. Our WDO inspections are more than just termite inspections, we look out for all the pests that can potentially destroy your home. We want to help you protect your investment!

Call 407-541-9342 for a Free Quote!

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